Catalog of French Scopitones (CA-Series)

CA-1 to CA-28

The following list is of French-made films that were made for CAMECA and appears to be complete, although other French films for which I have no catalog number appear in the list of "Other Scopitones (Series Number Unknown)." If you know the catalog number for any of those films, please let me know. The CAMECA films have a catalog number that begins with CA- in Europe, although prints of these films that were printed in the United States use a catalog number beginning with A-. As only some films from this list were printed in the United States, I have used the original CA- catalog number.

French prints of the CA-series films are usually on Kodak Safety stock, and although they still fade, they tend to have somewhat better color than the American A-series prints of the same titles, which are on Eastman stock and are now in various stages of turning red.

The director for each film is listed where available. The parenthetical titles are rough English translations of the French titles or, in some instances, the name of the English-language version of the song. Corrections are welcome!

CA-1 Gloria Lasso "Vénus" (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)
CA-2 Gloria Lasso "Muchas Gracias" ("Many Thanks") (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)
CA-3 Georges Ulmer "Ping Pong Li" (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)
CA-4 Georges Ulmer "L'Homme Du Bar" ("The Bartender") (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)
CA-5 Annie Cordy "Frenchie" (dir. Alain Mayor)
CA-6 Annie Cordy "Salade De Fruits" ("Fruit Salad") (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)
CA-7 Marie-Hélène "La Cage" ("The Cage")
CA-8 Marie-Hélène "Trudie"
CA-9 Frank Gérald "Si Ton Destin" ("If Your Destiny")
CA-10 Rita Cadillac "Y'en Avait Qu'un Comme Ça" ("There Was Only One Like This") (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
CA-11 El Garayo "El Matador"
CA-12 Georges Guétary "Les Papous" (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
CA-13 Les Barclay "Pour Ton Amour" ("For Your Love")
CA-14 Rita Cadillac "C'est Fou" ("It's Crazy") (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
CA-15 Jacques Helian et Son Nouvel Orchestre "Qu'il Fait Bon Vivre" ("It's Good To Be Alive") (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
CA-16 Jacques Helian et Son Nouvel Orchestre "Oh! Honolulu (Chi Chi)" (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
CA-17 Jackie Lawrence "Si Tu Veux Que Je T'aime" ("If You Want Me To Love You")
CA-18 Les Barclay "Un, Deux, Trois, Je T'aime" ("1, 2, 3, I Love You")
CA-19 Mathé Altéry "Comme Au Premier Jour" ("As At The First Day") (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
CA-20 Jean Constantin "La Petite Angine" ("Little Angine") (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
CA-21 Kessler Sisters "Bons Baisers, à Bientôt" ("Kisses & Farewells")
CA-22 Henri Salvador "Faut Rigoler" ("It is Necessary To Joke") (dir. Alexandre Tarta) (France only)
CA-23 Richard Anthony "Clementine" (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
CA-24 Claude Luter "Danger Blues" (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)
CA-25 Alan Gate "Les Célibataires" ("Hey! Jealous Lover")
CA-26 Georges Jouvin, Sa Trompette D'Or et Son Orchestre, & Dominique "Le Danseur De Charleston" ("The Charleston Dancer") (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
CA-27 Benny Vasseur & André Paquinet "Le Vieux Pianola" ("The Old Pianola") (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)
CA-28 Le Groupe J.M.S. "Papa Aime Maman" ("Dad Loves Mom") (dir. Alexandre Tarta)
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